Expectations of Staff

Our amazing Registration Staff in 2016.

Our amazing Registration Staff in 2016.

We wish to maintain an event with high integrity, and this includes having staff who exhibit the highest possible levels of respect and professionalism.

It is important to us that:

  • Our judges are expert and unbiased.
  • Our teachers understand that modeling behavior can be as important as teaching content.
  • Our volunteer staff members recognize that they are an integral part of our staff and therefore of the tone and integrity of the event.

We ask that all of our professional and volunteer staff abide by the following behavior:

Give contestants your full, unimpaired attention during contests.

  • Refrain from talking to other judges, or conversing with competitors, during a contest that you are judging. Consultations with the head judge are an exception.
  • Keep your phone off, and off the floor, when you are judging or helping to manage contests.
  • Work sober. Consuming alcohol prior to or during assignments, publicly or to the point that your judgement is in any way impaired in the opinion of the Head Judge, is not allowed, and may be basis for immediate dismissal from a judging panel or contest staff.

Respect the work of our contest staff and your fellow professionals.

  • Dress professionally for all judging assignments, i.e no jeans, t-shirts, or similarly casual dress.
  • Help us stay on time by checking in with the head judge 15 minutes before each of your assigned judging sessions, and being prompt for workshops.
  • Speak respectfully of your fellow staff at all times.
  • Do not discuss placements until after those scores are posted.

Understand that you carry serious responsibility in your role.

  • Personal relationships with contestants, good or bad, may influence your judging or create the appearance of conflict. It is your responsibility to inform the head judge of any close personal relationships you have with any contestants so we may recuse you from that panel.
  • Your position on our staff gives you influence over others and increases your level of personal responsibility:
    a. Using your role as judge to coerce or exert undue influence on contestants, whether stated or implied, to take private lessons or coaching, or engage in sexual contact, is not ethical.
    b. Because of your position of authority, the burden to obtain freely given consent is greater for you, and perhaps harder to ascertain.
  • All staff members and volunteers have a unique ability to model both respectful behavior and positive intervention. Please read and understand our Code of Conduct and be prepared to support our community in working together to create a safe, respectful environment for attendees and staff alike.
  • Since these responsibilities are fundamental to fulfilling your role as professional staff at this event, failing to meet any of these expectations may be considered grounds for dismissal by the Head Judge or Event Director.

We expect that you will carry out these responsibilities with grace and integrity. Concerns about attendees or other staff members may be discussed in confidence
with either the event director or the head judge at any time. Questions about your role, or about these guidelines, are always welcome.

We thank Dave Moldover & Kay Newhouse of Dance Jam Productions for his permission to adopt Dance Jam’s policies.